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Satyajit Ray’s Mahapurush – Still a Relevant Cinema in Today’s World

Though I was aware of this cinema, unfortunately I did not have the chance to watch this masterpiece of Ray till yesterday. I was browsing youtube, killing my boredom due to the coronavirus, and suddenly this cinema popped up on the screen. Luckily the full remastered version of this cinema is available on youtube.

While reading about Mahapurush on wiki, I released that this cinema was released exactly 55 years back on this day. It is based on a simple story (adaptation of Birinchibaba) of how a young man exposes the fraudulent activities of holy man (Birinchi Baba) and finally wins his ladylove. Why this movie is still relevant? If you look at the daily local newspapers here (Calcutta in 2020) still today you will find lots of holy men openly advertising about their ‘businesses’. These advertisements in local newspaper are not cheap; hence we can imagine how much profit these holy men make out of us (we the fools). Coming back to this cinema, Mahapurush may not be the best work of Ray, but is definitely worth a watch. Though I am spending time on watching lots of cinemas during this lockdown, which I do generally, I will try to keep this blog updated with some noteworthy ones.

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