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Lockdown 3.0 Effect

Due to the global pandemic Covid-19, most of us have been stuck at our homes. With almost no outside activities for more than a month, opportunities have cropped up to revamp this site of mine. I will (hopefully) be able to devote some more time to update this site from time to time primarily with personal stuff. Since 2016, after I started my online blog at LabourLawHub exclusively for discussions and my views on labour laws in India, I have not been able to find enough time to dedicate here. If you are interested about labour laws, industrial disputes in India, you may directly visit my blog at Since I have also been practising as a medical negligence advocate, I am planning to start my blogging on medical negligence soon. The plan is at its initial stage, there is chance of association of other associates too, and hence, the execution might take some time. Stay home. Stay safe.

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