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Chandipur to Digha Coastal Trek in India

It was long back in December 2017 when I did my first coastal trek in India, and unfortunately it is still the only one. Only this pandemic covid-19 has given me enough time to blog about it and also to upload a partial amateurish video of Chandipur to Digha coastal trek in youtube after a gap of more than two years. It was a short 3 days coastal trek covering a distance of approximately 80 kms, starting from Chandipur in Orissa till our very own New Digha in West Bengal. So technically it can also be treated as an inter-state trek. The ideal time to do coastal trekking in India is between October to February. It is advisable to carry plenty of drinking water and some dry fruits so that you can survive (!!!) the walk of 6-7 hours/ day depending on your speed. Wear a proper trekking shoe (I was using my trustworthy Forclaz 500) and shocks as blisters are very common side effect any coastal trek. Also wear shorts during your coastal trek as you have cross small streams on foot. We were not carrying any utensils or tent since we have pre- arranged our overnight accommodations during our coastal trek. We reached Chandipur on Day I in late afternoon from Kolkata. After having lunch, we checked into a hotel. The evening was spent exploring the dirty and overcrowded beach of Chandipur (It was during last week of December). Our actual coastal trek started in the morning of Day II around 8 from Chandipur. Our first destination was Kasafal. After long walks, two crowed river crossing on ferries, we reached Kasafal around 3:30PM. We had already arranged our accommodation at Kasafal Cyclone Rescue Centre through caretaker. The accommodation was free but had to pay for our food (There is no fixed charge for the food but you can pay for the ingredients and some extra amount for cooking). We left for our next destination Dogara Beach in the early morning of Day III. The route was very easy, straight walk on the beach. Chances of finding any people on this stretch are rare. We reached Dogara around 2 in the afternoon. Here we stayed with a local at his place. Like Kasafal, we did not have to pay for the accommodation but only for our food. The accommodations were very basic in both Kasafal and Dogara. On Day IV, we left early in the morning for our final destination – New Digha. It was very tiring on the final day as we all were exhausted. After long walk, crossing one of most dangerous rivers on an almost empty boat followed by another 4-5 kms of walk, when we reached New Digha it was almost 7pm. We spent that night in a New Digha hotel and on the next day we left for Kolkata post lunch. The Chandipur – Digha coastal trek route is very safe, even for female trekkers. Overnight accommodations in Kasafal and Dogara can be arranged in advance over telephones. Please note that the accommodations are pretty basic and often are home stays. So respect owners and their family members. Drink plenty of water and wear a proper shoes during the trek and you will be able to complete this Chandipur – Digha coastal trek in India without any hassle. You may check the video of my Chandipur – New Digha coastal trek in India in youtube. The video contains footage up to Dogara as I couldn’t find any more footage in my hdd (Most probably they are misplaced/ deleted). I have used my Xiaomi YI Sports Action Cam for capturing the footage and powerdirector to edit the video.

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